Several of the biggest sports owners in the world

There are many sports team owners, but this article will assess some of the more notable.

Of all the sports to own a team in, the grandest may well be owning a polo club. Polo horses are exceedingly costly and require so much attention to keep well groomed, so the costs don't stop after you have paid for the horses themselves. Urs Schwarzenbach owns a polo team in south Oxfordshire and to keep on the team running it needs a constant stream of funding; paying for all the several elements of the team will not come affordable. Polo teams are not publicly traded sports teams and don't pull in much marketing and advertising money, so the funding comes nearly solely from the owner. As polo teams have such expert trainers and groomers, they regularly hire people from places like Argentina where they discover anything about the sports and about the horses.

Of all the sports, the most lucrative is possibly football. As it's so financially rewarding and expensive the owners in the sports must also be extremely successful. One of the benefits of owning a sports team is that you can make a gain from it, however in the elite level of soccer this is not actually that typical. As the greatest footballers’ wages are all so high, owners have to inject tremendous amounts of money to continue the football team running. There are some owners who run football teams for a profit but if an owner wants a group to improve, i.e. through buying better footballers, the owner will nearly usually have to reach deep into their pockets. There are rules in place to stop owns spending as well much money and effectively purchasing trophies, but these limits are still remarkably high. The best sports owners all discover how to run a team efficiently whilst also injecting the best range of cash at the best times and on the ideal footballers. Daniel Levy, the chairman of a London football club, has been applauded for how he has run his soccer team, even though he has not spent loads on payers, he has made the soccer club worth a lot more than it used to be.

When individuals consider sports team owners they rarely think about cycling, nevertheless it is actually an extremely prevalent sports that can generate a large range of income. The largest cycling team has been recently bought over by Sir Jim Ratcliffe and it represents one of the largest T.V. companies in the world. As the sports team owner, he will help pay the athletes' training and equipment, which doesn't come affordable as their bikes will be high tech and the most overpriced you can find. Elite cycling is a gruelling sports that takes an extraordinary level of devotion and training, so they also need to be well financed to warrant such a difficult regime.

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